Out of the Trenches WWII style


It’s perhaps a bit early to ask this, but are you, Sparty and Indy and Astrid, planning to introduce, at some point, a format similar to “Out of the Trenches” of the Great War Channel, where you answer viewer question? I know we already have this great forum where some great discussion is going on and questions are being asked. But I assume not every viewer will read the forums.


Absolutely and we will use the forum here to gather the questions - I’m hoping to get to this very soon actually!


Let’s have our proposal for the title here!

I propose as title the “Out of the Bunker


I’d like that title :smiley: I had already been thinking about a possible title that is neutral but not about this one.


In my opinion, there needn’t be so many similarities between TimeGhost’s WW2 and The Great War. A title not including “Out of the…” would show to people that it is a different entity than The Great War. Maybe something related to base, R&R, telegrams or something like that.


Maybe “Letters to the ministry”?


“Gripes and Queries.”