OSS - Seattle Area


Just joined the TimeGhost Army, and am willing to research aspects of the OSS (and other topics if needed). My grandparents (farm kids from Minnesota) moved to Seattle at the beginning of the war and both joined the OSS (stationed in Seattle). My grandfather’s cover was that he was in the US Coast Guard, which I have been told was unusual, but done because he had only one arm. He lost his other arm in a combine accident at 17. I believe my grandmother worked in the Boeing plant as her cover. My grandfather was shot by a saboteur/spy that he caught trying to map battleship layouts in the Seattle shipyards. He was also part of a contingent of OSS agents smashing press cameras when a B36 (I think it was a B36) prototype crashed in Seattle. And he also was one of 4 OSS agents who got radiation poisoning when trying to retrieve a soviet spy from a contaminated (reactor?) room. The spy and the other three agents died. He lived to be 82. My family has some documentation on this, but are trying to get more. Anyway, this is sort of a different aspect of the war on the home front, which I’m hoping others might find interesting. I apologize if I did not post this message in the proper area of the forum.


Ok… this is what I get for doing this from memory. I should have said B29 prototype. I’m pretty sure he was smashing press cameras in the Feb 18, 1943 incident.
Frye Packing Plant Fire - XB-29 Prototype Crash