Origins of Sparty's favourite quote?

On the TG Patreon, the quote:

“Anyone who isn’t confused doesn’t really understand the situation”

is attributed to Edwar R Murrow (should probably be Edward). I was curious about the context and started googling, but this lead me to question if it was even said by Mr. Murrow in the first place.

According to Wikiquote it was first found in a book titled “The Improbable Irish” by Walter Bryan in 1969, who attributed to Murrow. This was four years after Murrow’s death, but there is not much to be found from before this.

According to some people this quote was in relation to the Vietnam War, which seems appropriate for the time. Other’s will say that the quote was from earlier and thus in relation to the Korean war. In this post, Spartacus attributed to be said in context with WWII, but of course no sources here either.

As the only record of this quote was from after the man’s death, I have started to wonder if it has been misattributed. I hope I have poked your curiosity Spartacus as you certainly have poked mine.

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