Operation Chariot

If it has not already been suggested, the St. Nazaire Raid would, I think, be an excellent candidate for a minute-by-minute account–or at least a special episode unto itself. (Admittedly there probably isn’t enough time remaining before March 28 if you weren’t already planning this.)


It was amazing, it was astounding, but it’s overall historical significance was not on the order of Pearl Harbor. D-Day would be a better candidate, or the Battle of Midway.

The St. Nazaire Raid is more on the lines of the raid of Baron Longchamps on Brussels. Quirky, interesting but not war-changing.


I certainly agree that it was not a war changing operation. I felt it might be interesting as a focus mostly because I thought in my naivete it might be more tractable for the small production team in a short time than the enormous operations. (However, I have no relevant experience in video production so I am probably entirely mistaken!)

It may perhaps add some audience engagement to emphasise that 89 men were decorated, including 5 VCs, for a limited operation lasting only a few hours. (Not that innumerable other actions throughout the conflict are not similarly worthy of attention, of course!)

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