OOTF Canada and China

Another great episode from the very busy TG team and Indy who is really good at shooting down WW1 warplanes in VR. :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Given the major part played by the Royal Canadian Navy in getting the Atlantic convoys through to Britain, this is a nice little salute. The way TG has been presenting the overall Battle of the Atlantic doesn’t give much attention to the individual navies, so thanks to them for this.


Wouldn’t it be hard for them to do this for every single battle with every single ship? Plus… according to me, they sacrifice the extreme amount of detail for retention. So… I take each of these videos as an “introduction” to a certain campaign/battle etc etc and then dig deeper for what I found interesting.

Or did you by chance mean TG was lazy?


No, I’m just a trivia nerd who hapoens to be Canadian. I can’t help myself.

  1. One German spy landed in Gaspe near New Carlisle, which despite its name was VERY French speaking. He stank of diesel and tried to pass a thirty-year old withdrawn bank note as real. Canada had formed a central bank only in 1937 znd rapudly replaced the previous private bank notes, which this was.

Um … trying not to take offence here but how did you read that into what I posted? I thought I was pretty clear.


I think he was referring to this part of the comment:


As a Canadian I am proud of Canada’s naval accomplishments during the war going from a small poorly maintained navy to the 4th largest navy and a well trained navy.

On a side note US Admiral King Heavily resented both the Canadian and British navies throughout the war as he felt slighted by the fact early on the US navy had to learn escort and combat warfare from both navies and he felt the US navy was far superior to both the British and Canadian navies.