On YouTube Censorship

Another history master here, from the chair of backpain.
I just watched Spartacus’ new video and wonder what in the world could have been so gory and brutal that YouTube censored it right away.
When I was a child, I went to library history section and browsed one particular book series about WW2. It didn’t show war in all gory, but holocaust was pictured as it was. It didn’t made me deranged adult, it made me a historian that faces the truth, how brutal it might be, regardless of does it pleases any political parties, left or right.
i understand that basic idea is to protect children, however this might become a weapon for political extremes to suppress history. Turkey might ask all pictures off Armenian massacre to be deleted, in the name of “child protection”.
Never forget!

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I think the disclaimer at the start of each video is misleading. I propose changing it to:

“Warning: the following video may contain stories that are deemed offensive to racists, neo-nazies, Holocaust deniers, and other conspiracy minded people. If you are one of those people, please click away.”