Older trade questions

I realize these are a bit late given it’s 1943 in the timeline but as far as the ability of the Nazi State’s ability to purchase raw materials I hear things like there were boycotts after Kristallnacht and assets were frozen by the US government in mid-1941 but that doesn’t make trade matters clear.

After Kristallnacht (1938) what Boycotts were put in place? What governments or businesses refused to do business with the German government? And what restrictions were those? War materials? Oil? Food?

In November 1941, if a German merchant ship ran the British blockade and showed up in New York with cash in hand, what would they be prevented from buying by the government while in port, if anything?

If that same merchant ship pulled up in Buenos Aries or Santiago Chile in January 1943 (both countries are Nuetral right not IIRC) could that captain freely buy anything he had the cash for?

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