Not all Fascists Are Nazis - Civil War in Austria | BETWEEN 2 WARS I 1934 Part 2 of 4

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Austria is very divided in the 1930s. Austrian Nationalism opposes the idea of a Greater German Reich, which triggers the emergence of Austrofascism. They find themselves in a violet struggle against Nazis, Communists, Democrats and Socialists. Join us on Patreon: Subscribe to our World War Two series: Like TimeGhost on Facebook: Hosted…


Hello there. Now I’m not an expert on Austria, but I know a thing or two about the wars of German “unification” (start after Minute 2 in the video).

Prussias struggle came directly from Austria. The German states had formed the German Confederation (Deutscher Bund) after the liberation from Napoleon and the Congress of Vienna.
It was the stage of the Austro-Prussian dualism in Germany of the early 19th century.
Bundesstadt or “capital” was Frankfurt btw, so it was no coincidence the German Reich of 1948/49 had its parliament there. Btw the only German Reich which is only called “Deutsches Reich” in German.

What bugs me in the narration is this: “Eventually the German question leads to war between Austria and the Prussian led German states in 1866.” (- Called the German war btw)
It was the German confederation under Austrian leadership vs. Prussia, its de facto vassals and Italy(!). The German confederation as a subject sided with Austria declaring Prussias actions illegal under confederate law!
To hammer my point home: All other 4 kingdoms in Germany and even the duchy of Nassau, which meant the Dutch King in his role as German duke, sided with Austria.
So the Confederation made a failed attempt at Reichsexekution to get Prussia fall back in line. It is also the reason why the “Bundesstadt” Frankfurt was sacked by Prussia and lost its status as Reichsstadt, although it remained neutral. The mayor rather committed suicide than to hand over the city to the Prussians.

I also still wonder if the permission of Anschluss in 1919 would’ve softened or even prevented both Germanys and Austrias fall into fascism and a new war. German-Austria alone was smaller in size and manpower than what Germany had to give up and they could’ve even framed it as “negotiation” á la “If you accept, you can unite with Austria”. Thus silencing the “dictate” and “thievery” accusation a fair bit.
Of course I’m aware such a solution was out of the question at the time for the Entente powers.

That’s all I can contribute, since my knowledge of Austrian history post 1866 is rather limited.