New Zealand girl tries to board ship as U.S. Marine (7-11-43)

The New York Times (July 11, 1943)

New Zealand girl tries to board ship as Marine

Wellington, New Zealand – (July 10)
The U.S. Navy’s charm brought an 18-year-old New Zealand girl before a court today. She was accused of wearing a U.S. Marine uniform.

The girl, who is engaged to a U.S. Navy man, borrowed the uniform from a Marine in the hope of getting aboard the ship on which her fiancé serves.

But the boots were too big and she had to roll up the pants, which were too long. She was held by the shore patrol and her Marine helper was arrested.

The judge fined the girl $10.


Should have arrested her fiancé and given them both a weekend in the same jail cell.


No, no. they could give a punishment far worse. Send her off to New Georgia to fight the japanese.