New User of the Month


I just received the notification that I got the “New User of the Month” award and wanted to say how cool and rewarding it feels. This has to be one of the smartest ways you can make your community feel connected to you. Whoever came up with the idea should be given a raise, and if it was you, Spartacus, you should commend yourself on your knowledge of how to influence the masses with panem et circenses!


Congratulations, @David! Huzzah for whoever gave you that!


Well @David - its our pleasure to see people rise up and interact with the rest of our community, so its well deserved. It’s not just based on our fickle judgement, but also on the interaction you’ve created and the reaction you’ve received from the rest of the TimeGhost Army. So you’ve deserved it with facts and numbers attached to it - fact based is the we like it here at TimeGhost :wink:


Congratulations good sir. I was pleasantly surprised to find one in my mailbox as well. I fully agree with you, this is a great way to foster interactivity.