New Primary source, interview with former German soldier

Hi there. I am an amateur historian (like many here i’m sure) and lately I have been interviewing elders in my community. I was talking to a gentleman the other day, who told me he was in possession of an interview from May, 1983 with a former German soldier. A couple weeks later he provided me with a copy and I immediately got to work on it… only to find it’s almost completely impossible to make out the audio. The recording quality is very low and unfortunately i was not able to get much information from these recordings. However in the interest of saving primary sources like this, i thought maybe i would upload a copy of this interview so that some tech wizard out there might be able to restore it to an audible level of quality. There is a brief description of this audio available on ArchiveGrid, but no more legible copy or transcription seems to be available.

Thanks for any interest shown, something like this is so frustrating, when i know there’s history just below the bad audio!