Negro fliers blast Nazi lines in Italy (12-13-43)

The Pittsburgh Press (December 13, 1943)

Negro fliers blast Nazi lines in Italy

An advanced air base in Italy (UP) – (Dec. 9, delayed)
Bombs and bullets from America’s only squadron of Negro fliers now overseas helped crack the German lines during the current Allied offensive in Italy, it may now be revealed.

The Negro pilots, under the command of Capt. George Robert of Fairmont, West Virginia, flying P-40 Warhawks, have been in action in Italy for two months without losing a plane although two of their number were shot down during the Sicilian campaign.

The importance of their efforts was emphasized today when a Negro unit was inspected by Gen. Carl A. Spaatz, chief of the Northwest African Air Force. Only the ground crews were present, however, for every Negro pilot was flying over the Nazi lines at the time.