Need email address and physical address of TimeGhost

Dear TimeGhost, and attention please Mr. Jorem Appel:

I have a friend in Lithuania, Ms. Jurate Terleckaite, who was our guide there in October 2018. She and her father, a noted professor, member of the Supreme Council of Lithuania, and author of several history books*, could prove to be a wealth of information for you about the Baltic states before, during and after WWII. I have asked Ms. Terleckaite to view your recent video with Jorem Appel, and to contact TimeGhost. But, I could not provide a good email address or street address. Could you please give those to me so that I can pass them on to her.

I enjoy, and support monthly, all that you do. I have some ideas for a couple of episodes, but that will be for another message.

Arnold Falk
Buochserstrasse 9
6370 Stans

  • The book written by Professor Vladas Terleckas: β€œThe Tragic Pages of Lithuanian History: 1940-1953”

Dear Arnold,
I have responded to your message via email. Thank you again for reaching out!

With regards,