Nazis in Syria in the 1950's and 1960's

This article is a must-read on the subject of Nazis involved with Hafez al-Assad’s regime in Syria:


Unfortunately, this is one these well known facts which largely is ignored in common history because of the postwar conflict in the Middle East. Basically Israël, decolonization, Jews fleeing Arab states and vice versa. Artur Schmitt who later joined the NPD (some far right wing party in West Germany probably is the most well known).

The problem here was that …mmm the pro Israel camp ignored the colonial trauma and the Egyptian leadership ignored the Holocaust trauma. Most historical discussions in Europe sadly end up too personal. On the other hand politically it was a lot less controversial to condemn the South American regimes.

What I missed in the TG 1956 crises is that these ties with the Nazis did play a role, the war against Egypt was personal and the no place to run or hide strategy of the Mossad was understandable. Also thinking of 1972 and 1976 attacks. Fast forwarding to the 1970s peace, it will go a bit better in future, New generations maybe mean new chances.