Nazi reprisals in Prague against partisans and intelectuals

In Prague most people who have been accused of treason have been brought to a shooting range in Kobylisy (part of town, back then on the edge of town). The shooting range was an army training facility from the Austro-Hungarian times and has been used as such even by Wehrmacht up until the assasination up until 1942, when it was converted into a killing ground.
Those shot here weren’t just partisand or resistance fighters, but also the families that supposedly sheltered them and intelectuals from Czechoslovakian science and politics which were deemed undesirable. About 539, the full number is still not known, people have been shot here.
This is just a summary, the whole thing is written in more detail on the atached photo of the board, which is standing in front of the memorial (both in english and czech).

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That’s where Elias was shot too.