Navigational mistake caused bombing of town (7-7-43)

Brooklyn Eagle (July 7, 1943)

Navigational mistake caused bombing of town

Boise City, Oklahoma (UP) –
Army Air Forces authorities said today that the bombing of this little Oklahoma panhandle town early yesterday resulted from “a mistake In navigation.”

Maj. C. E. Lancaster, commanding officer of the Dalhart (Texas) Army Airfield, said the bombs were dropped by student fliers who mistook the town for a practice bombing range.

Lancaster said the damage would have been more severe had not the planes been using practice bombs.


Good to know they only practice bombed the town lol.


James : “Hey bob! That’s your ex-girlfriend’s house down there.”
Mark : “The one that cheated on you. Right bob?”
Bob : “Yeah… I wish someone would bomb it”
James: “Well… bob. It’s your lucky day! Bombs away!”


Thank you. Coming after the latest WAH, I needed that laugh

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