Naval Blockade of Third Reich and Occupied Europe in World War 2

Hello new member here. I wonder. Shall we see an episode in YouTube Channel about Royal Navy then later Allied blockade of Nazi Germany and occupied European shores during incoming episodes and how German merchant navy and blockade runners were intercepted and how this affected strategic decision making of Hitler ? One of the determining factors of Hitler’s invading Soviet Union was cutting of overseas trade by British.

As far as I know most of the German merchant marine was neutralised in High Ses and North Sea by Royal Navy during 1939-40 , quite a bit German ships scuttled themselves when cornered by Royal Navy patrols and this happened a lot during initial two years of the war ,especially during invasion of Poland , Phony War , invasion of France and Low Countries and till invasion of Soviet Union.

Any episode about that and Ministry of Economic Warfare would be great.

Thank You