My name not being being mentioned as a TGA/Patreon supporter at videos conclusion!

Dear Indy, Sparty, and Joram,

Ive been donating monthly since the Sep. 1st episode. Hence, i am upset to the point where i’m going to cancel my monthly donation. Yes, it might be selfish on my part to leverage my monetary donation in-order to get my name said, but im really bothered by this selfish attempted to get what i want. Jorman, Sparty, can you w/ any degree of certainty assure me that i will receive proper accolades in the form of my name being mentioned post video?

Best regards,
Sean P

This is the most pettiest thing I have read here so far.

Who gets his name shout out is randomly decided and not by any loyalty.


There are possibly hundreds of supporters at this time, with thousands possibly donating in the future as the show grows in popularity. There is a possibility that they will never mention your name, based solely on the sheer number of patrons. Some of us here have added our own research to this forum in our own posts, we’ve scoured our national archives in search of unique photos. Hell, Norman Stewart colourizes dozens of photos for use in the show. If anyone had earned the right to get their names mentioned it would be people actually contributing in some fashion beyond just money.

And now you’re threatening to remove your subscription because you didn’t get your name mentioned yet? Are you that desperate for your 2 seconds of acknowledgement? If this is a real “threat”, it is beyond pathetic. Ditch your subscription, and good riddance.

yes, it might be selfish on my part to leverage my monetary donation in-order to get my name said, but i’m really bothered by this selfish attempted to get what i want

You know when you are bothered by your own actions, you can change them?


I’ve been donating longer and not had my name mentioned (instead I make mostly sarky comments on the videos when they come out) and I don’t care. I’m here for the content which is brilliant in my opinion. If you’re donating loads, then I get it, but if not then just chill. There’s nearly 3000 of us for heavens sake who donate.


When I read your post yesterday I was so surprised by the immaturity of your complaint and threat of cancelling your monthly contributions because Your name hasn’t yet been mentioned. I don’t remember seeing any Promise of that happening when I became a member. You joined for the wrong reasons if that’s what you were expecting.


The pettiest thing? Excuse me for asking when my name should me mentioned, as when i originally joined at the $4.40 per month rate, not only do i get access to WW2/BTW content early, but also a name dropping at some point in the future. No specific timetable. But if this is how the TGA community reacts to my reasonable question, well all i can say is i’m upset. Ive been a loyal follower since the Great War days, and a loyal paying member since Last September 1st. I want to keep contributing b/c i know w/out the TGA community, this content might not be around. But im so upset, im seriously thinking of canceling. Joram, or anybody that works for TIME GHOST want to weigh in? Am i in the wrong wanting to know when my name might be mentioned(btw when i joined on patreon, one of the perks for payment was a TGA supporter of the week) ? If i don’t get an answer, you will have answered my question for me of what i should do.
Unhappy regards

And this is my favorite thing to watch, not only on YT, but all media platforms. Not to mention, i get great satisfaction knowing i help contribute to the creation of the show. the last thing i want to do is negatively affect this programming in any way, but i feel disrespected, and a bit personally hurt by the reaction i received.


how do you know for certain how they choose the TGA member of the week?




Then I shall reiterate.

But if this is how the TGA community reacts to my reasonable question, well all i can say is i’m upset.

It is not reasonable to demand that your name be mentioned, or at least demand that you know for sure whether or not your name will ever be mentioned, or else you will remove your subscription. That is selfishness in the extreme. It is an honour and a privilege to support this show, we do it because we actually care about it, and expected nothing in return except continued content. The rest of us reacted negatively because we do not care whether or not our names are mentioned, we are happy to be contributing, and we get our shout out every time they mention the timeghost army. You want your name specifically mentioned, and it’s apparently a deal breaker if that doesn’t happen.

Reasonable reasons to stop contributing to the show include:

  • The show being cancelled
  • A major drop in quality (quality being subjective, but arguably a good reason)
  • A drastic and sudden change in content (unlikely)

Now, I know that they listed individual shoutouts as a perk of contributing to the show monetarily, and they will probably continue to do so, and most of us think it might be neat to get a mention, but to threaten to cancel over it? Thats not reasonable, its petty. You might not get your name randomly thrown in for 2 seconds at the end of a video. If you really did love the content for the content, you shouldn’t care about something so trivial.


i lost my right arm while fighting, and i am in NO CERTAIN TERMS trying to use that as leverage. BUT NOW THAT im a cripple, i rely on an income that basically prevents me from homelessness. So, $4.50 per month might mean nothing to you, but it definitely has significant consequences on my life. I never in a million years could have seen myself giving away money to strangers via Y.T. , or TIMEgHOST for that matter. Actually, TG is the only channel i support on Patreon . i do it b/c of the content, not for anything else. If my name gets mentioned or not, (but as mentioned above, it does say when you pay, part of TG showing their gratitude is a shoutout) i will still support TG.


wow where did you find joram telling me that? Thats old

While I am very sorry to hear of your situation and that you got a crap hand in life, I’m not sure how this is relevant to the conversation? It doesn’t matter whether you give $3.00 or $249.99 a month, there is no guarantee your name will ever be mentioned. At the end of the day, there are currently 2,823 patrons as of when I typed this for TimeGhost. Even allowing for WWII week by week, that’s only 312 weeks per patron so the vast majority of us will never get a mention, much like taking part in the lottery doesn’t guarantee you’ll win anything.


your right, there are fortunately not enough days of the war to go round, and my bitching and complaining won’t change that. I apologize to my fellow TGAers.


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Sean, it takes a very courageous person to apologize for their actions !


You’re welcome. I do sincerely hope life gets easier for you and I wish you all the best going forward.


Hey guys, sorry for not replying earlier. I would like to tell you how the name-mentioning system works and what I think about this discussion.

First of all, as the one who generally picks the name to be mentioned, I go to our Patreon page, select the tiers that qualify to get their name mentioned and scroll down for a random amount of time. I have made sure to use the entire range of the alphabet, so I don’t think that any name has a higher chance of getting picked. That said, over 2,500 people qualify to get their name mentioned. There aren’t even going to be that many episodes on the World War Two channel (I know, it’s sad). So basically, it’s just dumb luck.

However, @seanpoltzer, I do hear your argument. I understand that contributing that amount can be a large sum of money depending on your income. We do really mean it when we say that we are very grateful to every dollar that people are able to give to us. I try to acknowledge that as often as I can. Nevertheless, I hope that supporting our production is the main reason why you support us on Patreon. The Random name shoutout is just a symbol of our gratitude, but as it already says is completely random, and there’s not one supporter with more claim to it than another.

I am a little conflicted here to be honest, because I do want to acknowledge your support and emphasise how much we appreciate it. But giving in to your request takes away the randomness and opens the door for more people to make demands. Thats why I won’t be actively looking for your name in the Patreon support list. I hope for your sake that I land on your name in the future. But I also hope that me now telling you that we hugely appreciate your contribution, and that you are part of why we’re able to do this, is equally satisfying. If that is not the case, and you’d wish to end your patronage, then i’d be sorry to hear that but in the end you are free to spend your money as you wish.

I hope that this answers your question!



Hi Joram

This whole thing has grown way out of proportion. I wish i could go back and not have said anything. It is improper for me to lobby you to get my name shout-out, mainly to my fellow TGAers whom have the same eligibility. I choose to support your channel because i love the content and want to see more of that content, not b/c i have a chance to hear my name mentioned.


Dear Joram and TGA,

I must confess that i consumed far too many beverages while writing the original complaint, of which i regret having done so. However, i just re-read Joram’s response w/ a clear head. Joram, are you saying b/c of my original rant/post, that i am ineligible for a name shout-out permanently? Even if i get selected at random? im going to need your clarification on my unique situation before i type another word…And FYI, i do understand and agree that my original request was selfish, plus when i re-read it i come across looking like a jerk, which couldn’t be further from the truth in my everyday life, and i definitely wouldn’t want that as my perceived persona. If my fellow TGAers haven’t seen my apology post, please take a look if anyone even cares to take the time. This 1 drunken post doesn’t come close to the quality content i usually share.(at least quality con. in my opinion)…Anyway, can you please clarify Joram what my shout-out status is?
Kind regards,

Hey @seanpoltzer,

Thanks for clarifying! I’m sorry if my earlier explanation was somewhat confusing. No, you’re not at all ineligible for a shout-out. You’re just not more eligible than anyone else. You (still) have the same chance of getting picked for a shout-out as anyone else who supports us! Again, we truly value your support, even if we haven’t mentioned your name in one of the episodes yet.