Movies and tv series ideas

Inspired by the thread War Movie Recommendations I ask you: What kind of historical figure or event you would like to see portayed on the screen (or get a better adaptation)?
As with the aforementioned post I’m talking all historical events, not just WWII.
Here are my ideas:

The Czech Legion

Those of you who have already followed the WWI channel should know this topic well. The titanic journey of a Czechoslovakian army througout Russia during the Civil War. I would like to see an HBO take about this like in The Pacific or Band of Brothers.

Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud

One of the most underrated historical figures of the 20th century. After a harsh exile in the desert of the Empty Quarter and in the port city of Kuwait he conquered in just two decades a landmass the size of a small subcontinent. He is the founder of modern Saudi Arabia and the father of the current king Salman.
As far as I know he has only been portayed in an unsuccesfull Syrian movie King of the Sands.
I really hope that he will be eventually covered by the TimeGhost channel or the WWII one.


Franklin Roosevelt meets Abdul Aziz on the USS Quincy (1945)


Since I learnt the story of the Battle for Castle Itter from Sabaton, I really want it to be a movie. I’ve heard that some director wanted to make one, but the production stuck.
This is about the last days of WW2 when Wehrmacht and American soldiers fought together after freeing high ranked french prisoners from the Castle of Itter, as the SS forces were closing in with the intention to kill every prisoner they can, however they knew the war is lost.

Also, the acts of Walther Wenck during the Battle of Berlin (again, thanks to Sabaton song Hearts of Iron) would worth a movie. Just, to show that not every German were nazi as Hollywood likes to think.


Personally I’d love to see something about Malta or the fighting in China and Burma


Well for the Burma Campaign there’s always The Bridge on the River Kwai but I agree that this is an underrated theatre.


Here are another two ideas:


There are a lot of westerns that talk about the struggle between the North American indigenous populations against the white man but few talk about the Southern ones. Many people know about the Inca and the primitive tribes of the Amazons (for the latter I suggest the movie The Mission) but there were also the fierce tribes of Patagonia and Southern Chile like the Tehuelches (considered by many the Sioux/Comanche beyond the equator) and last but not least the Mapuche.
This tribe resisted Spanish colonization for centuries as described in the epic poem La Araucana and was completely subjugated only at the end of the 19th century. I’d like very much to see a movie about one of their fearsome chieftains like Galvarino who, after having his hands chopped off by the Spanish, fastened knives on both of his mutilated wrists to continue the fight, a real life Wolverine.

Amedeo Guillet

This Italian madlad was one of the highest decorated soldiers in WWII, I suggest you read his exploits on the Wikipedia page or somewhere else, just to name some of his accomplishments:

  • He led a colonial unit that fought with impeccable record and almost no desertions, his soldiers nicknamed Guillet Commundàr es Sciaitan (The devil commander).
  • To protect the main Italian force from encirclement in Eritrea he led a cavalry charge against British armored units.
  • He continued to fight in Ethiopia with his unit to the bitter end, organising guerrilla operations even after the general surrender.
  • He escaped capture from the British at least twice, assuming the fake identity of Ahmed Abdallah al Redai a Yemenite muslim pilgrim thanks to his perfect knowledge of Arabian languages
  • He eventually managed to return back to Italy unscathed, during this eventful trip he befriended the ruler of Yemen.
  • After the war he became an ambassador and during a coup in Morocco in 1967 he managed to keep some diplomates safe.
  • The British put a 1000£ bounty on his head during WWII, they nicknamed him “The Italian Lawrence of Arabia”