Movies about the Second World War

I watched Enemy at the Gates, which I knew was going to have inaccuracies, but it was still a good movie.

I noticed actually that the Christian soldier makes the cross sign on his chest from his right to his left, then top to bottom, which is what an Orthodox Christian would do. I liked that attention to detail. I was annoyed that they used the Soviet anthem that is famous, also to this day it´s the melody of the Russian anthem. It was technically a Bolshevik party anthem before 1944, but I doubt the army´s radio would play it for the Red Army, and was confused as to why they didn´t play the Internationale which was the anthem of the Soviet Union at the time of the Battle of Stalingrad and probably something that more people in the USSR would have heard by that point and didn´t require a specific loyalty to the party whose members were a minority in the army.

I guess when you can´t legitimize your government through a free election (just kidding, he got 99% of the votes, Stalin must be popular if he got 99% of the vote right :grin: ?), then emotions play a lot into your government, and I guess places like the USSR, the Germans at the time, and so on, would invest a lot into making these songs, flags, your army, as emotional as you can make them to avoid people trying to get rid of it. War will also do that to you, when you feel like you have to kill others to avoid being killed yourself.

Not technically a WW2 movie I guess, but Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, when they went to Berlin, that kind of book burning scene is devoted to providing energy into the fascist movement and sweep up anyone who is missing that feeling of energy and sense of being part of something bigger, in a way many authoritarian regimes don´t do like how few kings would be able to get that kind of energy and support for their government from the roof of their capital city to the smallest village and where the autocrat is just fine with people in general not caring about them and focusing their power against their nobles and rival kings from other countries.