Most enduring WW2 myth you have seen discredited as a result of the WW2 series?

Timeghost team - thank you for the detailed week by week coverage, it has allowed coverage of otherwise forgotten incidents or details.
What is the most enduring myth you have seen discredited as a result of the series?
The biggest one for me was that the Germans didn’t send winter clothes to the Eastern Front earlier in 1941 primarily not because their arrogance expected the war to be over by Christmas but because their logistics system couldn’t cope with the daily supply essentials. So any future needs couldn’t be accommodated.


Great question : Wait until 6th June, there will be some myths dispelled on that day as well. Things we all thought were true.

As for now the German State Police (GESTAPO) episode also blew up the myth that tall the Germans were under the thumb and the Germans had no choice but used it as an alibi.

By the way the 6th June episode also has a lot of mythbusting from other series we filmed with together WW2TV and others.

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Maybe not so much a myth, but but so probably the comparison of Husky and Overlord. Always had the impression Overlord as by far the more complex (in terms of logistics) and larger operation with far less time to plan. New little bit of trivia I’ve used that the largest amphibious invasion force ever was onto Sicily.

That said, I don’t think that should take anything away from the Normandy invasions, which were still a massive undertaking and almost certainly more difficult in terms of just how fierce the resistance was.


For me, it’ll be the clean wehrmacht myth, I like that war against humanity got in length to debunk it.


For me it was the bombing campaign, specifically the bombing of Hamburg. Most that I heard was the bombing was going after industry and other damage was unintended. I was surprised to find out how calculated the destruction was.

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Somewhere in this video which also hits and the busting of another myth. From Al ferme aux chat. (farm with lots of cats). I am somewhere in the vid ;). Not sure if there are vids of the Oktoberfest in Munich which was in October! :wink:

D-Day On the Road Vlog [Part 2] - YouTube

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Is that somewhere near château des bouzoukis?

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