Modeler in the timeghost army,what are you building right now?

I’m only building project/prototype because it allow me to do whatever scheme I want,it’s good for training and it can be fun too,now I’m building a me 262 mistel from dragon and I can say that the adjustement of the kit weren’t that good compare to the monogram model (I got a hobby boss A1a/U4 but didn’t started it),am I the only one who build too much model at the same time (I got to finnish a jagdpanzer E-100,a StuG E-100,a junkers ju 177, a Me P1100, a VK 45.02, a VK3001§ ,a Me 163 C,a nakajima kitsuka and a fugaku+a boeing 747 8F from cargolux ,and I don’t think I puted everything in that list).
Now I want to have some of hobby boss 262 variant (the A1a/U1 ,A1a/U5,A1b,A5a base on their A1a/U3 kit,Aufklärer 1 base on their A1a/U3 too,a A1b,a B1a ,a A2a/U2 and other),I also want to build the heinkel 280 V4 with jumo 004 base on the eduard one