Millett: Service (2-27-43)

The Pittsburgh Press (February 27, 1943)

Millett: Service

Uniforms for women are fine things
By Ruth Millett

Getting into uniform for the duration would be awfully good for some types of women.

Think what it would do to the personality of the woman who has always depended on clothes to put herself across. The woman who has always expected service, admiration and respect for no other reason than that her coat was mink and her dresses designed by the tops of the fashion world.

And think what it would do to the woman who “never has a thing to wear” and was always so busy being apologetic about her clothes that she didn’t know what was going on.

And how good it would be for the woman who has always sacrificed everything in life to have good clothes, stepping daily out of a rundown, neglected home looking like a fashion ad.

All those women would find themselves face to face with the fact that nothing counts but what they are themselves, how capable they are, how likable, how charming, how good-natured.

They couldn’t get by any longer – or think they were getting by – hidden behind good-looking clothes, pretending they really were whatever character they were dressed to play.

They couldn’t any longer walk into a room and expect everybody to take notice because of their clothes. Dressed in the uniform worn by thousands of other women, they might realize that it was up to them to amount to something or be lost in the crowd.

Uniforms aren’t a bad idea for women at all.


I think you meant “aren’t a bad idea” instead of “aren’t a bid idea” in the last line.


well spotted, bid idea like ebay ? :laughing: OK desperate for something funny in these dark times ;-


Why does this remind me of Starship troopers. Everyone wear the required uniform and have the required ideas.