Midway Hour by Hour....? Please..!

I Live in Australia so, I woke up on December 8th and at 8am, turned on what sounded like the news (Live) and heard that the Japanese had just launched their aircraft against Pearl Harbor.
Following along in real time, with your every news update, was like I had slipped into a time warp and was living the event live. The emotions generated were similar to those generated on 9/11.
The disbelief - this can not be happening, then the realization that Dam! it is happening - the Japs are bombing the Yanks!!!
It was so compelling that I was riveted all day as events unfolded.
Then the understanding that the whole thing happened on the ground so quickly, took hold.
I have listened and read the story so many times, but now feel like I have lived the event.
Thank you for bringing the history to life.

So can you do it all again for Midway?


First have a great Anzac Day. There will be special vids on Midway. TG doesn’t have the resources to do a minute by minute video plus there is a lot of time between some actions. I am counting down as well :wink:

Oh hope more people will chip in at TG/Patreon, there is early access an some Patreon only vids. Sorry for squeezing in a commercial but any amount really counts now more and more is happening simultaneously in WW2.


Can I suggest watching this video, and the following 2- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bd8_vO5zrjo&ab_channel=Montemayor

The lead in that Indy is making right now helps a lot when looking at the attack from a Japanese perspective. It’s a fascinating set of videos.


Cool :sunglasses:, he relies heavily on Parshall who lived in Hiroshima and introduced the real Japanese version to the West and with his operational knowledge integrated both views. The book Shattered Sword rewrote the Battle of Midway in 2005. Up to then Western historians used Fuchida whose book was discredited long before.

The book, still an academic page turner:


This is him on the Fushida face-saving filled flight deck myth meaning the Dauntless planes were just a few minutes too early for the Japanese.

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I know I am spamming but valor tours and miltours moved their Midway trips to 2022 as as the US Fish and wildlife Department finally did get rid of the predatory mouse plague but cancelled 2021 due to COVID. Wake is also closed by the :us: USAF. If you want to visit there is a waiting list. I just want my fellow TG members know.

See the mice managed a land invasion of Midway.
Island Conservation Predatory Mice Threaten Midway's Wildlife - Island Conservation

Hi Chewie
You are correct, there would be large gaps where both sides are scouting - If the Japs do attempt an invasion of Midway and if the US code breakers continue to crack Japanize codes - that is…
Minute by minute might not work so well.
What I was thinking was sort of like a news bulletin on the hour, during the day.
Not every hour would be required - waiting for scouts to report is the same this hour as last if nothing is received.
News updates as news arrives would recreate the Pearl Harbor atmosphere.
Maybe news specials minute by minute during the critical times of action - would have us again “living” the events.

It’s not for me to tell TG how to do their show - they do a great job.
The above is just my dreaming. Thanks for dreaming with me.



You are welcome. Actually the massive tome Shattered Sword gave me the exact feeling
As the Pearl Vid. It follows the same path and paces the reader through the massive completely and also analysing the situation again and again.

It even has this I know you were expecting the dive bombers to scream down but we still need to cover this little part on doctrine.

The book never gets boring and covers both sides. Midway /Alutians was a lot more complex than Pearl after all. While writing this I decided to get the audioversion of this book :slight_smile:


Indeed Shattered Sword is a fascinating read. Parshall is great at cutting to the chase at conferences-his Youtube material on numerous topics is always interesting.