Midway battle films to boost war bond sales (9-5-42)

Brooklyn Eagle (September 5, 1942)

Midway battle films to boost war bond sales

Navy releases thrilling movies of sea fight to 500 theaters

With total sales of war bonds and stamps in the statewide drive of the motion picture industry having passed the $34,000,000 mark today, interest in the campaign to top a $160,000,000 quota for the month was heightened by a Navy announcement of the release of color motion pictures of the Battle of Midway Island.

The film, to be distributed in the next ten days, was shot by Cdr. John Ford of the Naval Reserve during the actual battle. Five hundred prints will be sent out to theaters.

Hedy steals the show

Hedy Lamarr stole the bond drive show yesterday with her appearance in Newark, where traffic was stopped, a woman fainted and several others lost bits of clothing in the rush to get near the actress. About $2,000,000 in sales were registered.

The “bondmobile,” which started from Times Square on Wednesday bearing effigies of Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito, reached Middletown yesterday after being pushed from Port Chester through Port Jervis. The motorless car is pushed one foot by each purchaser of a bond. When it reaches Niagara Falls, the last buyer will shove it over the falls.

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