Meymac, France, June 12, 1944

Original article published on May 19, 2023.

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Summary, translated by google:

The secret was becoming too heavy to bear. At 98, Edmond Réveil, a former resistance fighter during the German Occupation during the Second World War, revealed the atrocities of the war that weighed on his conscience. At the end of a general meeting of the National Association of Veterans, he testified for the first time to the execution of 47 German Wehrmacht soldiers and a French woman by his section of the Francs tireurs partisans (FTP ) from Meymac, in Corrèze, on June 12, 1944. That day, he was 18 years old. Today, he is the last resistance fighter still alive to have witnessed this massacre.

Full article below, in French:

There is more to the story, with context, in the full article in French.

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This story is included in WAH 109, chapter “Revenge of the Resistance” at 16:56.

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