Mexico during World War 2

Hey Indy, I’ve been a fan of your show since I watched your old channel, The Great War back in 2016. My question is why not alot of people (especially people study and research during WW2) even mentioned of Mexico’s involvement in WW2 when they entered on May 22, 1942, the date they declared war on Nazi Germany. Why wasn’t it mentioned frequently? Greetings from Dallas, Texas and am also a big Sabaton fan.


From my (admittedly little) knowledge of Mexican history, the Mexican people were apparently not happy about the joining the war to the point that protests broke out. So to keep the people happy the Army was never sent overseas. This seems to make sense since I’ve never heard of Mexican units partaking in any land battles during the war. (It would have stood out to me if they had.) That said a lot of Mexicans went to America to join the Army Air Force, which let them create their own Squadron, the Aztec Eagles. So I suppose long story short, Mexico just didn’t do very much for people to remember they were involved. I know Brazil did send troops though, the only other Latin American country involved.

Honestly I would thought Indy would talk about the exact date about Mexico joining the war effort, but he never did which to my surprise, I was hoping he’ll talk about it. Maybe perhaps I should do research on my own about the 201st Figther Squadron aka the Aztec Eagles and hopefully Indy will put into future videos, including their involvement in the Battle of Luzon. In my opinion, even though am Mexican-American, I should spread the information to everyone to make sure that the bravery and heroism of the Aztec Eagles won’t be ignored and be remembered.


Here is an article about Mexico in WW2 by Dispatch which is the official magazine of the Commemorative Air Force. An huge organization who teaches about air plane history and keep the old birds flying!

Spoiler: The 201st Mexican was involved in Formosa and the Philippines in our future!

Digital Dispatch, Sept 2021 (