Mediterranean Theater of War , October 1941


Malta - Force K was formed at Malta as a Strike Force to add to the offensive against Axis shipping by submarines and aircraft. Under the command of Capt W. G. Agnew were cruisers HMS Aurora and HMS Penelope, destroyers HMS Lance and HMS Lively.

20th October 1941 - Mines previously laid by submarine HMS Rorqual in the Gulf of Athens sank Italian torpedo boats “ALDEBARAN” and “ALTAIR”.

25th October 1941 - Over a period of 10 days, cruiser-minelayers HMS Abdiel and HMS Latona transported troops and supplies to besieged Tobruk and carried out Australian units. On the last mission HMS LATONA was bombed and sunk north of Bardia by Ju87s Stuka dive bombers.

Late October - Submarine HMS TETRARCH sailed from Malta for Gibraltar but failed to arrive, presumed lost on mines in the Strait of Sicily.

Monthly Loss Summary
6 British or Allied merchant ships of 22,000 tons