May 1942, Alvin York MOH WW1 veteran addresses the reactivated 82nd Division

Alvin York tried to reenlist in WW2 but physically wasn’t up for combat units anymore.

He always stayed modest and was traumatized by WW1. In May 1942 he spoke for the reactivated 82nd All American Division, see here. Maybe that division can live up to the WW1 standards in future?

PS His Grist Mill in Tennessee made for an impressive visit, there are still lots of illegal alcohol making places in the woods! :wink:

SGT Alvin York addresses the 82nd - YouTube


For those we don’t know, Douglas V. Mastriano did a lot of research into him. Actually I missed him with a few days but found lots of people including the curator of the Argonne cemetery who told us about him.

Sergeant Alvin York: Hero of WWI - Douglas V. Mastriano - YouTube

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He also had a big role in building the relatively new Alvin York walking trail. I never realized they built it in 2005. When I was there a few years earlier there was almost nothing there but sparsely populated villages. It is really close to Jean-Paul a guy originally from Eindhoven who built a really nice museum there.

The SGT. York Trail (

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