Manhattan Project

So the Americans have this new project to design an “Atomic” Bomb". Weird.

What I am really getting at is that I hope this series does not forget the international component of the Manhattan Project. The British had Tube Alloys and Canada had the Montreal Laboratory.

By 1944 the Americans took active steps to exclude foreign partners but the early efforts were more international.

The source of the uranium is also interesting, the original source was a mine at Great Bear Lake, NWT but then the Americans discovered a giant shipment from Shinkolobwe in the Belgian Congo stored in New York.

All of that uranium was refined at the Eldorado Refinery in Port Hope, ON, still in operation.

The heavy water came from the Cominco plant in Trail, BC.

We really need Jesse to do a guest appearance for an episode on Canada and the Manhattan Project.


Well being an American I will say this about what you are saying is absolutely correct that while we contributed more than a fair bit to the project that in essence it should really be considered the first big project of the United Nations for all of the international contributions to the project. I will give Canada one more prop concerning the Manhattan Project though it was many years later. Of course I am talking about that great song by that power trio out of Toronto RUSH Manhattan Project.

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I live a half hour drive from Port Hope and have a number of friends who live there. I also have had friends who worked at Rlfirado Refining, now known as Cameco. I’d like to see my part of the woods on the show.

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That would make for a great crossover episode! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: