Looking for Mods for the New Subreddit


So, a good update on the situation of r/timeghost. The head mod got back to me, and he’s willing to hand the sub over. Is there anyone here who would be interested in serving as a mod?


I frequent reddit, but I have no idea what being a mod entails. Could you explain to me what the tasks would be?


Community Manager for a very large website - Always happy to lend a hand.


Like David, I’m a redditor, but with no experience modding, and honestly I’m in doubt wether I have the necessary free time, if it becomes an active sub. But Sign me up! I’m happy to give it a shot and be as big a part of the process as time and experience will allow for!


Loving you guys for doing this! Need anything from us?


I’m also a redditor. You still need help?


So, mwilsonianslie, do you think that you’d be willing to message the mod, and ask them to transfer the sub to you?


Reached out to the mod of /r/TimeGhost, will let you know if they reply.


I’ve picked up /r/TimeGhostTV as well, just in case


Are you u/FenBlacach?


Yes, sir. I am. Have I been located?


You have. I’m u/trj820. If we get r/TimeGhost, should we put a sticky in the current sub redirecting to the new one?


Sounds good! Once we have a direction, I can jump into Photoshop and get it put together.


Right, we’re rolling! Is anyone here willing to learn how to mod? I’m definitely interested in sticking my toes in the water.


I am for sure! I have much free time that I am willing to spend.


I’m in as well, I’ll PM you guys on reddt!


I’m looking at this and feeling very flattered and touched by your dedication - also somehow I’m brought to think of David Stirling and his men of the L Detachment… let’s make a version of this a badge for you all:



Good news! The mod of /r/Timeghost is willing to hand over the sub. We also have /r/TimeGhostTV. Which would you prefer @Spartacus?


I’m not @Spartacus, but I think that r/TimeGhost would be better, because it’s shorter. We could either sticky a redirection in r/TimeGhostTV, or make it a sub for patrons.


What is your /u, I’ll add you to the group chat