Looking for a list of the music used in the various series!

Huge fan of the series, and I’ve been binging so much of it lately (B2W and the CMC in particular) that some of the songs are stuck in my head. I’d love to find the artists’ pages and buy some of the tracks, if I could find their names. I found the intro themes to WW2 and Between Two Wars (Death and Glory by Dream Cave and Now We Fight by Bonnie Grace, respectively) by using Shazam, but it doesn’t work for many of the other songs given Indie/Spartacus’s talking.

I was hoping we could assemble of a list of songs used in the various Timeghost series, or you could point me to one if it already exists. Specifically right now, I’m looking for the track that runs from ~7:08 to ~8:15 in the Day 3 episode of the CMC series (Link)

Fantastic job with the entire show!