Local women seek Army jobs but they can't enlist here (2-11-41)

Reading Eagle (February 11, 1941)


Young women – including professional dancers and daughters of some pretty well-to-do families in Reading and Berks County – are “ready, willing and able” to take positions as hostesses at Army camps throughout the country, but there’s nothing to do about it here.

According to Sgt. Thomas Combs, of the local Army recruiting office, at least 30 young women and girls have applied for such jobs at his office. Some came with long lists of recommendations, he said. Some were professional dancers and entertainers; some were college graduates and social workers, while others were “just plain girls,” who believe they would like to be hostesses.

Although all qualified young men who volunteer are being taken into the service, the Reading office has no authority to handle applicants for hostess jobs. So Sergeant Combs is thinking of hanging a sign on his office door –

No female help wanted today.

Sergeant Combs today announced the names of 29 youths he sent into the service recently:

  • George F. Welser, 1317 Church St., ordinance company, Borinquen Field, Puerto Rico;
  • John J. Hilt, Puerto Rico;
  • Jesse E. Enoch, Shillington, Air Corps, Lowry Field, Col.
  • Irvin C. Mabry, Laureldale, Lowry Field;
  • Theodore J. Leib, 205 North 10th St, Puerto Rico;
  • Robert G. Gift, Kutztown R.D. 3, Lowry Field;
  • Grant S. Loy, Hamburg R.D. 2, Lowry Field;
  • Harold R. Reed, Stouchsburg, Lowry Field;
  • Forrest R. Shoemaker, 346 North 11th St.;
  • Clarence J. Sell, 644 North 11th St., 99th Field Artillery, Edgewood Arsenal, Md.;
  • Roy N. Young, 341 West Greenwich St., Lowry Field;
  • Floyd H. Wagner, Pottstown, Ordnance Company, Aberdeen, Md.;
  • Donald P. Folk, 31 North 7th St., Puerto Rico;
  • Anthony DeCarlo, 730 Bingaman St., Puerto Rico;
  • Daniel R. Fisher, 936 Greenwich St., Lowry Field;
  • Thomas J. Donahue, Adamstown, Puerto Rico;
  • David B. Petiro Jr., 1141 New Holland Rd., Lowry Field;
  • Henry C. Hertzog, Mohnton R.D. 1, Lowry Field;
  • Clarence W. Wunder, Berne, Field Artillery, Hawaii;
  • Irvin L. Zerr, Douglassville R.D. 2, Infantry, Hawaii;
  • Frank X. Stark, Quartermaster School, Philadelphia;
  • Ralph W. Wink, Quartermaster Corps, Hawaii;
  • Samuel B. Kline, Lenhartsville R.D. 1, Field Artillery, Hawaii;
  • Harold Royer, Womelsdorf, Infantry, Hawaii;
  • Edgar P. Pry, Womelsdorf, Lowry Field;
  • Edwin E. Clahr, Shillington, Lowry Field;
  • George J. Plucker, Mohnton, Lowry Field;
  • Donald F. Kline, 718 North 12th St., Lowry Field;
  • Horace L. Witman, Douglassville, appointed a flying cadet in Florida. Witman is a son of the Rev. Paul D. Witman, tenant selector for the Reading Housing Authority.

Sergeant Combs announced that all branches of the service are open.