List of WWII films in chronological order


I saw a youtube video (linked below) that had a list of dozens of WWII films in chronological order. I thought some people on this forum might be interested in it so they easily find films depicting the events covered on the WWII channel as they are happening and could use this list for a guide. The months and years listed are when the films/mini series begin although many cover many months.

|Pianist|September 1939|
|My Way|September 1939|
|The Winter War|November 1939|
|April 9|April 1940|
|The King’s Choice|April 1940|
|Dunkirk|May 1940|
|Battle of Britain|July 1940|
|Fortress of War|June 1941|
|Attack on Leningrad|September 1941|
|Battle for Sevastopol|October 1941|
|Tora Tora Tora|December 1941|
|Australia!|February 1942|
|Midway|June 1942|
|Enemy at the Gates|August 1942|
|Thin Red Line|August 1942|
|Stalingrad|January 1943|
|Patton|February 1943|
|Uprising|April 1943|
|Generation War|July 1943|
|The Tuskegee Airmen|July 1943|
|Anzio|January 1944|
|Saving Private Ryan|June 1944|
|Band of Brothers|June 1944|
|Wind Talkers|June 1944|
|Cross of Iron|June 1944|
|The Pacific|September 1944|
|A Bridge too far|September 1944|
|Flags of Our Fathers|February 1945|
|Fury|April 1945|
|Hacksaw Ridge|April 1945|
|Downfall|April 1945|
|Unbroked|September 1945|


*Unbroken, actually.


I also didn’t capitalize all the words in “A Bridge Too Far.”


Already posted here War Movie Recommendations


But this is a list in chronological order with the date of when each movie was set instead of “war movie recommendations.” I’m not recommending this movies to anyone or saying people should watch them but rather this is a chronological guide so dates in the war can be matched with movies if people are interested. I looked through the thread of War Movie Recommendations and the films mentioned are not listed chronologically nor do most of them even have the months listed as when they are set.


I meant that the youtube video you posted is already present in the War Movie topic.


Yes it is but the youtube video doesn’t have the list typed out. If you wanted to find the video for say April 1940 you would have to go through the video, pause it and write down the movie. This way people can easily see all of them listed and the dates instead of going back to the same youtube video and pausing it each time they want to see a movie from that specific moment in the war.