Letters from readers (8-1-41)

The Pittsburgh Press (August 1, 1941)

Some things man can do and others he cannot

Editor, The Pittsburgh Press:

Last week, Sumner Welles, Assistant Secretary of State, took time out from dealing with the present to take a dive into the uncertain future. This was editorially approved in The Press of July 24. Welles envisioned a “new order.” He admitted that the League of Nations was a flop, but by some mysterious procedure his new order will do everything.

Now let’s see. Right now, the “nations are angry” and are out for an “all-out” victory or defeat. They are burning up the natural resources of the earth at a rate beyond comprehension and human lives are being snuffed out at a terrific rate, the human emotions are being jolted out of balance with the possible wrecking of the social structure of the world and the probable intent to wipe out the human race for that matter. A gloomy prospect. Sherman knew what war is (or was).

Now a question: If the men of 1917-18 couldn’t, or wouldn’t make a new order with what was left, how in all hemlock will the Sumner Welleses of the world (after this war is over) have a chance?

There is only one answer, It will not be done by these men.

In the days of these kings shall the God of Heaven set up a kingdom (new order), which shall never be destroyed. (Daniel 2:44)

In other words, the prayer that millions of humans have for long repeated –

Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

… – will have been answered.

The World War, the Armistice and the resumption of the war are all foretold in the Bible, also the League of Nations and its failure. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that mankind will be able to set up a perfect government. The events of the past 23 years prove that statement and it’s presumptuous to say or think otherwise. Some things man can do, some he can’t do. And a person doesn’t have to go to college to find that out.

Harmarville, PA

Sees ‘glass slipper’ pinching some feet

Editor, The Pittsburgh Press:

I think it is high time that some of our short-sighted senators who are opposed to all-out aid for the last great powerful nation on earth be put to task for their miserly attitudes in trying to gain their points by trampling over common sense and even their own slight sense of judgment.

I think the glass slipper will pinch quite a few flat feet when they try to explain away the fact that in the event of a British victory where will we stand if we are not wise now and give all possible assistance to see that the democracies are not subjugated further by the new order called “conquest.”

We are almost led to believe by some that Hitler already has it in the bag and that we should be careful and not arouse him too much by helping England anymore. That is exactly what the idea is in back of the whole “isolationist” theory. However, they should have added the old theory,

Holler enough now and you will not get hot anymore.

This attitude is just what the Nazis want for it only when you’re down and unprepared that they thrive at their inhuman best.

2124 Bentley Drive

He discusses question of American thinking

Editor, The Pittsburgh Press:

Forty years ago, a burly and learned Scotch professor said to me:

The trouble with you Americans is there is too much whoop, hurrah about you. You do not take time to think.

Which is what an ancient prophet represented God as saying nearly three thousand years ago about Israel (Isaiah 1:3)

Five years ago, I asked three university professors:

How many of your students do their own thinking?

The average of their guesses was 10%. To one of these professors I said:

What makes the difference between the open (thinking) mind and the closed (unthinking) mind?

He said:

I don’t know unless it is the genes and hormones.

In Dr. Carrell’s book, Man and Unknown, he states that no eunuch ever became a genius. He and other authors dealing with this subject of the relation of the sex hormones to mental activities stress this fact of sex strength. This will give us an insight to what was in the back of Dr. Will Mayo’s mind when he said:

Our whole education system is wrong.

And also the importance of a saying of a professor in an eastern university when he told an Iowa audience:

Everything the colleges have been teaching is wrong.

If we are going to get to the roots of our troubles and get so-called civilization on a solid basis, we need to ask ourselves some practical questions such as:

Will building costlier educational buildings with more expensive equipment help matters?

Will paying these same teachers and preachers higher wages cause them to think better?

Will bigger athletic fields or gymnasiums for the students develop greater thinkers?

When Pittsburgh, on recommendation of that group of Columbia professors decided to have more education on sex in her schools she was on the right track.

Mt. Pleasant, PA

He offers solution for ‘saving face’

Editor, The Pittsburgh Press:

There has been so much talk about Colonel Lindbergh’s decoration of the German Eagle that I believe it desirable to evolve a solution of the question that will save Colonel Lindbergh’s face and at the same time please the “100 percent” Americans that object to decorations.

The proposition is as follows:

Will all officers of the United States Navy, Army, and Diplomatic Corps return the decorations received by them within the last five years from Germany, Italy, France or Japan provided Colonel Lindbergh returns his German Eagle?

If it is fair to ask Colonel Lindbergh to send back his decoration because it has been made so conspicuous by the President, Secretary Ickes and others, perhaps it is just as well to ask hundreds of less conspicuous people to get rid of the embarrassment of possessing a decoration from one of the Axis powers.

50 Broadway
New York, NY

Franked postcards costly to public

Editor, The Pittsburgh Press:

Those million postcards franked by Senator Wheeler may not amount to treason but they do tally up to $10,000 of the taxpayers’ money.

35 W. Bellecrest Ave.

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