Letters from readers (4-29-41)

The Pittsburgh Press (April 29, 1941)

He discusses Hitler and his threat to United States

Editor, The Pittsburgh Press:

Suppose Hitler does win. What of it, for us? Why not mind our own business and leave Hitler to mind his? Outside the Western Hemisphere, of course. Is there not room enough in the world for Hitler’s way of life and ours too?

The answers to these foolish questions have filled many books, but they may also be given in very short paragraphs.

The Western Hemisphere is inevitably part of Hitler’s business. Unless he rules it, his basic principle of Nazi domination breaks down. The Germans cannot really be supermen if half the world escapes them and continues to defy them.

Hitler’s way of life contradicts ours so fundamentally that reconcilement seems impossible. Our basic belief (often contradicted by our practice, to be sure) is that the world needs to apply the philosophy of Jesus Christ in brotherly love and international cooperation. Hitler’s philosophy springs from Nietzsche’s The Antichrist, despises cooperation with inferiors and exalts hateful conflict.

Even more so in science does Hitler’s way contradict ours. Our basic belief is that science must seek and exalt only the truth; Hitler demands that science seek first his government’s approval.

Shall we not, therefore, be attending strictly to our business when we try, in time, to prevent a superman conquest of the Western Hemisphere, plus an outlawing of Christian love and honest science?

Connecticut College
New London, CT

Calls cooperative union Europe’s only salvation

Editor, The Pittsburgh Press:

Let us speculate a little on what may happen if the Germans should, as now seems probable, get control of all Europe and the Mediterranean. Would that reduce Europeans to slaves? Or would it drag them down to a level with the lower or middle caste of Hindus in India? It probably will do neither. Of course, the hatreds of war linger on for some time and revenge and the brooding about revenge plays a role, but even a Hitler, who is a student of history and especially English history, knows that one people can oppress another people only so far and so long. Comparing a conquered Europe to India is good at least in one respect: British rule is supposed to keep the people of India from warring among themselves. Europe could use something like that, especially the Balkans.

One thing is sure: If the Europeans want a higher standard of living and less wars, they must wipe out the excessive trade barriers and cooperate at least economically if not in a political or military way. Some kind of cooperative union seems to be their only salvation. There is, however, no choice right now except the New Order under the German domination. If the Germans planned the new order as they did their military campaigns, then it ought to work without a hitch. The new order could work out as a blessing compared to enforcing some status quo of 1914 or 1919.

It all depends on one or a few men who furnish the leadership. This picture may not appeal to most Americans, but what are we going to do about? It seems silly that we are considering going to war about this. But, that’s the alternative: a long, serious, uncertain uphill war. When there is any doubt between war or peace – vote for peace. Peace now would favor nobody more than Britain and the U.S. We aren’t ready for that kind of war for several years, anyway, even if we did want to fight.

1220 N. El Paso
Colorado Springs, CO

She sees silence as admission of guilt

Editor, The Pittsburgh Press:

Germany is a bombshell that has twice exploded and rocked the foundation of the civilized world without even bothering to explain the reason why. So we are led to believe that here silence is admission to guilt.

Quite a few people speak in favor of the good people of Germany, but if Hitlerism succeeds they will be on hand to share in the spoils.

Germany held an insane grudge after her first defeat – insane because after most wars of such grave consequences the loser lost all, where Germany was allowed to go back home and nurse her wounds which she so richly deserved and was practically allowed to rearm again, which no sooner said and done, she repeated the dreadful crime against humanity.

To those of us who make sense from these facts, it should be hard to see any good in anything or anybody that is in anyway connected with Hitler or any of his Reichs.

2124 Bentley Drive

Asks some questions about U.S. defense

Editor, The Pittsburgh Press:

85% of the people of the United States opposed the Lend-Lease Bill, yet it was passed. 85% oppose convoy by our ships of materials to Britain, yet Senator Tobey says that is being done right now.

About 99% oppose the sending of our soldiers to fight on foreign soil, yet that will be the next step inevitably. I even heard on the radio recently that, for all sailors and soldiers who go overseas, $100 per month bonus will be paid. Why is all this?

Is it democracy where a people are being led as sheep to the slaughter at the behest of the minority? Those who are planning war are not those who will fight and die. Is this democracy? If it were a question of defense of our own country, we should all be in favor of the measures now being imposed on us. But it is not, as we very well know.

What mysterious hold has England on these United States? We surely owe her nothing. Or are we sticking our necks out again just for the pleasure of hearing England call us Uncle Sap, Uncle Shylock and wondering why we can’t keep our noses out of their business?

Can those 60 wealthy families who have large interests in Europe have anything to do with the decisions now being made by our administration in Washington? Why should our sons defend the interests of the wealthy? Why did Morgenthau say that the appropriation must be cut down for WPA, NYA, CCC, etc., but reveal that after all the U.S. has loads of money to literally throw in the lap of Great Britain? It surely does not make sense.

Why does Churchill dictate to Roosevelt and why does the latter acquiesce in the British dictator’s wishes? Why, in fact, does Roosevelt imagine he was elected for a third term, if not because he promised to keep out of foreign entanglements and that our sons should not fight on foreign soil? Why should our soldiers serve and endanger their lives for a pittance, while the workers wrangle for more money and strike when they please, and why should the big fellows only produce war materials for huge profits?

Why should the burden of proposed new taxes be borne by the masses who do not want war, instead of by the wealthy, the real warmongers? Why should Congress, elected to represent the wishes of the people, not act in accordance with the prayers and pleadings of their constituents? Why don’t the people rise up and say how this country shall be run?

Springdale, PA

She doesn’t think Hitler will break with U.S.

Editor, The Pittsburgh Press:

I venture to say that Adolf will not break relations with the U.S. despite the seizure of Axis ships. If he would do so, that would make his people realize that, with the U.S. actively engaged in the war, an Axis victory would be absolutely impossible. In some of their minds, it is probably so at this present moment.

If might is right, then the democracies have the might. If the pen is mightier than the sword, then the democracies have the pen. Even though the democracies do not start battle, they are always in there finishing them. Victory as a word and as an accomplishment, has always been, is and shall continue to be, a possession of the democracies. This time is no exception. Democracy is on the march.

Bentleyville, PA