Letters from readers (4-28-41)

The Pittsburgh Press (April 28, 1941)

Says democracy hasn’t failed, but some persons fail it

Editor, The Pittsburgh Press:

In every community, you will find men and women who would like to make us believe that democracy has failed in the United States. But democracy in the U.S. has not failed. There are men and women, however, in the U.S. who have failed democracy. There are men and women who claim that they are 100% American democracy, but at heart they are a bunch of cravens who would rejoice to see American democracy crushed to earth by the weight of totalitarianism and Communism.

May we be delivered from such men and children, for they are dangerous people and a menace to everything that is American and democratic. Their faith is in the boasts of Hitler and the braggadocio of Mussolini. And to them, of course, democracy has failed. They would destroy a free government and enslave the people to the whims of a dictator. They would destroy the flag of the United States and replace it with the flag of Communism. They would vandalize the house of God and erect altars to Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin.

What this country needs is not a good five cent cigar, but men and women who are loyal Americans and patriotic enough to resent any and every slur cast against the democracy of the United States.

No, democracy has not failed. Democracy goes marching on, keeping step to the music of the Star-Spangled Banner and if the totalitarians and Communists can’t keep step to that music let them get out of the country and stay out.

Clarion, PA

More about women serving as soldiers

Editor, The Pittsburgh Press:

The Press on April 10 carried a letter by Mr. Dmitrzak proposing that women serve alongside men in the Army. The Press on April 15 carried a vindication of women in a sense not under discussion in Mr. Dmitrzak’s letter. The latter deplored the fact that women encroached in all other fields of endeavor so why not professional soldiering? This encroachment is greatest during participation in armed conflict and fails to return to normal when the soldiers return to civilian life.

Of considerable importance is the fact that Mr. Dmitrzak’s generation inherited the greatest depression and war of modern times. And Mrs. Phillips seems to deplore the fact that the younger generation has no desire to “carry on” with the exploitation of war for the profit of a minority.

Mr. D. cast no reflections on the ability of the female to do battle. Therefore, why the reassuring statements by Mrs. P. about the part women have played in wartime? The latter desires women to preserve a race devoid of free thinking humans such as Mr. Dmitrzak. Mr. Dmitrzak dares to voice contrary opinions, more power to him, for he aids in educating and informing the masses. Times have changed and so have ways of thinking. How can a man be courteous and chivalrous to a person who will compete with him for employment and who would work for less than he?

Mrs. Phillips suggests that should Mr. Dmitrzak go to war and find no job he can go on a farm and dig his living from the earth, just as her maternal grandfather did. In the first place, said grandfather had a farm to return to, whereas the farm she refers Mr. D. to is non-existent unless it be the poor farm. In the second place, her idea of a just reward for a man who risks life and limb for country doesn’t show real appreciation for services rendered.

Let’s see more letters from the women of draft age on this subject. Perhaps we can uncover a good reason why women should not serve in the Army.

134 William St.

He says Lindbergh speaks the truth

Editor, The Pittsburgh Press:

After having read and listened to the opinions of our professional politicians, also some of the opinions of the hundreds of readers, published by you in The Pittsburgh Press, I have as yet to run across one containing as much common sense and logic as the views expressed by one, Charles A. Lindbergh (who in my opinion seems to be the only one speaking the truth nowadays) appearing in a recent issue of the Collier’s Magazine.

It would be well worth the while for every true America interested in keeping the United States out of war, to read and digest the article thoroughly.

729 Brunot St.
Verona, PA


Wow, great foresight of this writer in the sense that these dictators became some kind of “dieties”. In the sense of “Obrigkeitshorigkeit” . Academic term which translates best I guess as “cadaver discipline” by the lower rankers. (Anyone better at this Germanic term feel free to correct.