Lesser draft extension due in House bill (8-9-41)

The Pittsburgh Press (August 9, 1941)


Final vote on longer Army service expected late Monday

Washington, Aug. 9 (UP) –
Administration leaders believed today they may have to accept a shorter military service extension than the 18 months voted by the Senate to get the legislation through the House.

It was learned they are ready to take any extension they can get in the House, believing that when the bill goes to conference where the Senate and House versions will be reconciled, they’ll be able to work out a form acceptable to the Army and the President.

House leaders were represented as feeling that a down-the-line fight for House approval of the Senate’s 18-month extension would involve the risk of defeat.

Expect House vote Monday

The bill will be debated an hour-and-a-half Monday and then read for amendments. Leaders hoped the final vote would be taken late Monday.

The first big floor fight will probably come when Republican members of the Military Affairs Committee seek to eliminate selectees from the extension entirely. They propose that Guardsmen, reservists and regulars be retained in service but that selectees be discharged at the end of their allotted year. The Army would be permitted to limit to 45,000 the number of selectees discharged in any one month.

Various proposals will be offered by both Republicans and Democrats to cut the time of the extension below 18 months.

Fish charges 'war plot’

House non-interventionist leader Hamilton Fish (R-NY) opened the attack on the service extension yesterday, charging it was part of a “gigantic plot” to involve America in war without the consent of Congress and against the will of the people.

Chairman Andrew J. May (D-KY) of the Military Affairs Committee said the bill was essential to national defense. Rep. Martin Dies (D-TX) said the nation must be ready to make sacrifices to preserve its liberty.