Lebensborn, why did non-blonde people saw blonde and blue eyes as the ideal


Great episode which well explained the horrible lebensborn history with the goal of creating a blonde and blue-eyed Nazi-Elite.

What always surprised me that like “Jaws from Moonraker” Hitler and Himmler themselves didn’t fit their own ubermensch ideal. Uuuh… At least Jaws was smart enough to switch sides in time (spoiler alert for those who didn’t see the James Bond flick).

Was the irony of not being blonde ever an issue or were H und H secret peroxide users. For me it is still mind-boggling.

PS Gertrude Klink had a similar issues as she was against women’s rights and found out that hence the National Socialists don’t listen to her either. On an anachronistic side note she made Colonel Klink look smart.

Nazi Breeding Farms - Lebensborn - On the Homefront 014 - YouTube


I have asked myself the same question. I could only think that they were idealists trying to create a future utopia. Rather like some Marxists, knowing the current version was flawed, but still driven by the vision of a perfect future.

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