King Boris is worse; illness is mystery (8-28-43)

The Pittsburgh Press (August 28, 1943)

King Boris is worse; illness is mystery

London, England (UP) –
King Boris of Bulgaria, critically ill of a malady which was still a matter of speculation, was reported today to have weakened considerably.

The German DNB News Agency said the Sofia radio had interrupted a program with a bulletin reporting that:

The King’s health deteriorated during the last hour due to a weakening of the heart.

An earlier DNB broadcast said he was suffering from a lung ailment.

Meanwhile, a dispatch from Zürich quoted the Lausanne Gazette as suggesting it was a “diplomatic disease” and that Boris was about to abdicate because he could not meet Adolf Hitler’s demands for fuller participation in the war.

The newspaper said:

Whatever the nature and seriousness of Boris’ illness, it means vacation of the throne. Premier Bogdan Filov is attempting to solve the succession problem which, owing to the youth of Prince Kiril, is extremely difficult.


A tiny error by the newspaper, it should be Prince Simeon. Kiril is his brother.


Not BOJO I presume. OK lamest joke ever but someone has to go for that prize​:vampire:t2::zipper_mouth_face: