Kickstarter backer and $4.50 Patreon unable to access any videos, please help?


Hey there

I’m a long time follower of the Great War channel (about three years). Now it’s sort of ended, I’ve hopped over here and am currently catching up on the Between 2 Wars videos.

However I’ve been having to do this on YouTube. I can’t seem to access any of the videos on this site.

I was one of the backers of the kickstarter. I’ve also just signed up to the $4.50 level on your Patreon. I tried using the “forgot password” option as per the instructions but I got a message saying I had no account. I tried manually making an account here, which let me post this message, but I still can’t watch any of the videos.

I’m super confused here - no idea what to do.

(Also, maybe I’ll find the answer if I get site access, but is there any reason why the next video after 1920 Part 3 of 4 is 1923 Part 1? What happened to the rest of 1920, and to 1921 and 1922?)