Kenesaw Mountain Landis, ‘Czar of Baseball,’ dies (11-25-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 25, 1944)

Kenesaw Mountain Landis, ‘Czar of Baseball,’ dies

Ex-federal judge succumbs at 78

Chicago, Illinois (UP) –
Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis, the 78-year-old commissioner of baseball who has ruled America’s No. 1 sport with an iron hand since 1920, died today at St. Luke’s Hospital.

The stormy Landis, whose name had become a legend in professional baseball, died in his sleep.

His secretary, Leslie O’Connor, said in a statement released immediately after his death:

In compliance with his wish, no funeral service will be held. Also, in accordance with his desires, cremation will take place privately and friends are asked not to send flowers.

Judge Landis, who was named commissioner of baseball shortly after the notorious “Black Sox” scandal, had been ill since Oct. 2.

Judge Landis was noted for his hardiness and disdain for pampering and medical care and his physician said he was undergoing a “rest cure” to recover from a severe cold and fatigue. His condition was believed to be not serious until early this week when he suffered a heart attack.

He rallied later in the week, however, but suffered another relapse yesterday.