Josephine Lowman – Help him (6-21-41)

The Pittsburgh Press (June 21, 1941)

Why grow old?

Draftees need smiles not women’s tears

By Josephine Lowman

One of the most important things a woman can do to help during these perilous times is to keep her morale high.

Woman is a natural leader in the spiritual life of her home unit. She is the one who usually sets the mood of happiness or hope, pessimism or gloom. As long as Mother keeps her tantrums under control and her laughter near the surface, the family can weather the many small, hectic crises of life with ease.

In the more serious readjustments and sacrifices, her part as booster of morale is even more important. Besides keeping the mood of the home happy and hopeful, she can give definite help to her particular draftee.

This special part of khaki-draped humanity may be her husband, her sweetheart, her son or her brother. To Uncle Sam, he is just another soldier in training. To her, he may be everything!

Sha can help him and her country most by hearing the separation cheerfully and by making him happy in it. She can write gay letters often and send packages.

The value of the spiritual lift which she can give her man in training cannot be overestimated. There are other powerful forces, besides mechanized weapons, which influence the success of a defense program or a war. We must all throw the weight of our morale behind our country’s effort and happily do whatever is demanded of them.

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