Josephine Lowman โ€“ Feminine attractiveness is attained by exercise (11-11-41)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 11, 1941)

Why grow old?
Feminine attractiveness is attained by exercise

Venus and Pygmalion set examples for marital peace, gave his statue life.
By Josephine Lowman

Pygmalion was a skilled sculptor who lived in Ancient Greece. For reasons I cannot possibly imagine, he hated all women, perhaps because he could abide nothing short of perfection and all human beings are fraught with imperfections which mar the spirit and figure faults which detract from perfect beauty. Therefore, Pygmalion hied himself to his studio and carved himself a statue of a woman who was perfect in every way.

His art was so flawless that it ceased to look like art but more like nature. Propinquity being what it is, he promptly fell in love with his statue. In fact, he became so obsessed with his love that he offered sacrifices and prayed to Venus to give his statue real life.

Venus answered his prayer and Pygmalion, arriving home from the festival a shade late, was met at the door by his enlivened love. They lived happily ever after.

While modern husbands cannot order their wives to specifications, they do spur them on by wishing to have them lovely. Many women today are exercising and dieting for the sake of some man they love. Modern ladies can just about decide what kind of figure they wish to have and then make their wish come true.

The following exercise is fine for the legs and hips and thighs. Lie on your back, arms at sides. Lift the legs up, rolling back onto your shoulders. Quickly catch yourself by placing your hands under your hips, straightening legs toward ceiling and bracing your elbows against the floor.

You may need help getting up to this position at first. While in this position separate the legs and bring them together. Do this several times. Now lower the left leg to the floor (stiff knee) while still pointing right leg toward ceiling. Raise left leg. Now lower right leg to the floor. Raise leg. Continue, alternating.

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