John Barrymore seriously ill (5-21-42)

The Pittsburgh Press (May 21, 1942)

Barrymore seriously ill

Hollywood, May 21 –
John Barrymore’s physician said today that the veteran stage and screen actor was seriously ill at a Hollywood hospital. He is suffering from an abdominal condition, with complications involving liver and kidneys.


For a second I thought it was DREW B :thinking:


Her grandfather, actually.


The Barrymore Family–staring with John’s dad Maurice–has been acting since 1875! That’s a whopping 146 years! Mindboggling, isn’t it.


The Pittsburgh Press (May 24, 1942)

John Barrymore shows signs of improvement

Hollywood, May 23 (UP) –
John Barrymore, 60-year-old stage, screen and radio star suffering from serious liver and kidney ailments, was reported improving late today. The bulletin reported:

Mr. Barrymore is quite conscious at times now.

Dr. Hugo M. Kersten, Mr. Barrymore’s personal physician, said that, although slight, the actor’s steady improvement was “definitely a hopeful sign.” He added, however, it was too early to determine if the crisis had been passed.

It has only been for the past 36 hours that Mr. Barrymore has been able to recognize visitors, which included his daughter, Diana Barrymore, and his brother Lionel.

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The Pittsburgh Press (May 25, 1942)

John Barrymore better

Hollywood, May 25 –
John Barrymore was reported resting well and sufficiently improved to take nourishment today. He is suffering from liver and kidney problems.

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The Pittsburgh Press (May 28, 1942)

John Barrymore suffers setback in fight for life

Hollywood, May 28 (UP) –
Physicians expressed alarm today over the condition of John Barrymore, stage and screen star, who has suffered a setback.

Dr. Hugo M. Kersten said Mr. Barrymore:

…has continued in a restless state, undoubtedly as a result of his toxic condition and cardiac condition.

The physician’s bulletin said:

His temperature remains normal, but his general condition on the whole has not improved. His medical attendants do not feel so encouraged today about his condition.

Mr. Barrymore was taken to Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital nine days ago after he collapsed during rehearsal for a radio show. He is suffering from hypostatic pneumonia complicated by a chronic liver and kidney problem.

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