Isle of Man Internment Camps during WWI and WW2


As a native of the Isle of Man I am interested in my countries past during the war years, and for curiosity I would like to know if anyone had any relatives/ancestors who were interned at the camps and what daily life was like. Such as:

Knockaloe Internment Camp
Mooragh Internment Camp
Hutchinson Internment Camp

Pictures and anecdotes would be grateful, I’d love to show my friends interested in history get to know more about the island.


I don’t know much about these camps, but I do remember reading about the German artist Kurt Schwitters from art class - he was interred in Hutchinson. You might remember him from his painting.

Das Undbild, 1919, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart


Nice, good example of dadaist and collage art. Got a stark funky aesthetic.