Is there a list of the TG Army Member Dedications for the posted videos?

If not, then can we start compiling a list for the heck of it?

I admit I am lazy and haven’t watched every single video they have put out. Additionally I know they are busy and have a lot of Patrons and Subscribers, so I don’t expect them to get to my name right off the bat. But I still think it would be a neat thing as a community to have a list be updated with the Video - User Dedication somewhere on the community forum for people to see if they missed their episode.

So assuming a list doesn’t yet exist…

Yugoslavia Crushed - Battle for Greece Continues - WW2 - 086 - April 18, 1941 - William Sidley-Parker


I know I (Colm MacNiallais) was mentioned at the end of the Between Two Wars episode: Not all Fascists Are Nazis - Civil War in Austria.

Indy butchered my name, of course, but it is okay. It is very Gaelic and everyone butchers it the first time.


Another Last Stand at Thermopylae - The Battle of Greece - WW2 - 087 - April 25, 1941 - Tobi Veselich


Enigma Captured! - WW2 - 089 - May 9, 1941

  • Theodore Newhouser