Is it true that there was a plan created by Winston Churchill to abandon Scotland should Britain have been invaded via Norway

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What do you mean “Abandon Scotland”?
An Axis invasion from Norway would have been most unlikely, since the distance from, let’s say Stavanger or Bergen(Norwegian Atlantic coastal cities closest to British Isles), for example the distance from Bergen to Edinburgh, Scotland is over 700 kilometers and the seas are much rougher in the North Sea compared to the English Channel, furthermore, an invasion from Norway would require tons of Axis resources to be first transported to Norway through the Danish-Norwegian cross and then be assembled, not to mention a huge amount of transport ships for equipment and men. Also, the British Home Fleet was based on Scapa Flow and the Firth of Forth, which were in Scotland. Any invasion from Norway by the Axis would be almost immediately intercepted by British bombers and patrol aircraft as well as the entirety of the British Home Fleet, (Which is based at Scapa Flow, Scotland) could more easily intercept any Axis invasion fleet or transports compared to the English channel, since the Channel was a lot more smaller with fairer seas and both axis and allied plane patrols, fighters and bombers and such.
If an axis invasion somehow managed to land into Scotland, it would have been: 1. Impossible to resupply, since the seas were controlled by the home fleet and naval minefields 2. This area housed the British Home Fleet, the largest fleet of the British Isles, thus it would immediately attempt to counter any and all invasions 3. Scotland is not a very nice place to invade, especially assuming Operation Sealion’s timeline of August-September 1940, in which it rains daily, the winds are strong and the terrain in Scotland is much more unfavorable for tanks and motorized infantry, compared to the much more flatter Southern English coast with a lot of fields, good infrastrucure and less forests (which the German army had planned their invasion). Furthermore Scotland is more cloudy and a lot more cloud covered than the Southern coast of Great Britain, thus giving the much needed aerial recon, air support and airborne units a bad deal, especially since aircraft for naval invasions was crucial for recon and intel, paratroopers and providing aerial support by bombing etc.

TLDR/In conclusion: An invasion via Norway to Scotland by the axis or an invasion to Scotland would have been impossible in 1940, due to a variety of factors including poor weather, a much longer distance, poor fighting terrain and the British Home Fleet’s base at Scapa Flow.