Is it true that the Nazis were hunting for religious artifacts a la Indiana Jones, or is that just fun fiction?

Ultimately silly and unimportant question in the grand scheme of things, but it’s been bugging me. It is true that the Nazis were hunting for various religious artifacts a la Indiana Jones or Weird War, or is that a later development for movies/games/etc?


I know there were some actual archeological expeditions by the Germans, one was in Tibet and inspired the game Uncharted 2


Here is a cool book. The Nazi had a lot of looney toons theories about ancient superhuman ancestry.

Castle Wevelgem near Paderborn still has some shrine (now forbidden to photograph).

I can’t mindread these @*# but I guess they were looking for a new “version of history” to found a new entity.

The book review is quite good.


Not entirely sure what all they searched for. But I do know that they wasted a lot of money and troops on searching for lost relics.

I think one was the holy grail but not 100% positive


Sorry for the late response, but thanks for the answers! It’s something I had been wondering about for a while, and I’ll have to check out the book, thanks again!