Is anyone gonna tell Indie that he has been butchering the USS Nevada’s name the whole war?

A born and raised Nevadan here, and I dunno how to word this to not seem rude so I will try to be brief and blunt

While the common mistake pronunciation that Indie has been making is so common that it it near ubiquitous, I feel the need to share the correct pronounciation of Nevada the best I can, in text format at least.

It is pronounced “Neh-VA-duh” the “v” like in “vat” or “victory” and the “a” like in “at” or “rat”.

I just wanted to mention this since I guess not many Nevadans are as prone to mentioning the mistake like say, Lithuanians or Poles are about their place names, but I think that as a fan it is my duty to let y’all know so that the show can continue to improve even if it’s in little ways like this.

Thanks for the great work BTW Indie and team, I have been watching on and off since 1916 (2016) or so in real time and an currently working my way through 1941 after binging the entire Great War and between two wars series since I didn’t watch them in full before, hope y’all keep gaining ground and making the best and most in-depth historical content the world has ever seen!

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Hey why not buy a ticket to the Oktoberfest so you can tell Indy personally?

Fantastic experience, I did it 2 years ago!

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Sadly I don’t own a passport or have the kind of money needed to go on a vacation like that, plus I’ll be in college at that time. So I will (at least this year) be unable to attend, though hopefully I’ll be able to meet indie and team sometime in the next few years, probably sometime before the end of this decade hopefully.

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Sad to hear but I am sure their will be more opportunities in future! All the best and thanks for your support and your study is important as well. Maybe you can do an international program at some point in time (but that is expensive!

Best Regards,